MILK. LEMONADE. Oh yes, you heard me.

Who knew that two such innocent little words could summon so much horror together? And yet, here we are. This is another happy creation from the circus of horrors that is the 1929 Selfridge’s Household Encyclopaedia.


1915: “Most packers still regard sizing machines for lemons with suspicion”                            Credit: Internet Archive Book Images*

Yes, we all know the saying: when life gives you lemons… demand milk as well. And sherry, because sherry makes everything better. Especially if you’ve just decided to drink milk and lemon juice, you cretin.



Pour ½ pint boiling water over 1 tablespoonful of sugar, then add ½ gill [that is, 1/8th of a pint, or 8 tablespoons) each of sherry and lemon juice. Stir well until the sugar dissolves, adding ¾ pint cold milk. Again stir until the milk curdles. Strain through a cloth or jelly bag [I used a piece of kitchen paper; a J-cloth would also work].



The alluring mix, pre-straining

I was quite amazed at how well filtered the finished drink was – and how pleasant it tasted too! The flavour is just a sweet lemon-sherry concoction, a bit like the background to a Christmas trifle, with a note of dairy sourness behind. It’s probably a flavour that grows on you, but nowhere near as repellent as I was expecting.

And so, to the surprising outcome!


Reader, I drank it


*Credit found at


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